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Fundraising Auctions today are more popular than ever before. As governmental and private funding continues to shrink, Fundraising Auctions represent a fast and fun approach to raising much-needed funds for nearly every type of group or cause. You can raise thousands of dollars in a single day or evening...while putting on an event that is fun for your group and supporters. And when you conduct a Fundraising Auction, you are not simply asking for money. Rather, you are providing a tangible product or service in exchange for your funding. It becomes a win-win situation for your organization and its supporters.

What Takes Place at a Fundraising Auction? Most successful Fundraising Auctions consist of anywhere between 30-150 different items that have been donated by group supporters or local merchants. At the designated time, a professional Auctioneer calls the Auction to order and sells each item, using a fast-paced, and fun selling technique. At the conclusion of the Auction, successful bidders pay for their merchandise. The total amount raised, less expenses, represent your group's "profit". And since most of the merchandise sold has been donated, Fund Raising Auction profits are typically quite high. Silent Auctions, Sell Agains, Admission Fees, Raffles, 50-50's, and the Sale of Food or Beverages can all add to the event's profitability.

Perhaps We Can Help. The Michael Ivankovich Auction Company has an extensive background in promoting, managing, and calling Auctions. We have worked with numerous non-profit groups and have also sold a wide variety of Celebrities at Auction including Politicians (Ed Rendell; U.S. Congressmen, State Representatives, local Officials, etc), Sports Figures, Television Personalities, etc.

Mike as the Auctioneer and posing with the Avatar at the "HOLLYWoods" Gala.
His fundraising expertise was greatly appreciated at Woods Services auction.

Our Services Can Include…Professional bid calling only. Or, we can offer other services designed to increase your revenue stream, such as Pre-Event Planning, Budget Development, Committee Training, Item Acquisition & Acquisition Staff Training, Event Marketing, Venue Theme & Decoration, Cataloging of Auction Items, Photography & Image Editing, Auction Set-Up, Computer Hardware & Auction Software, PowerPoint Slide Development, Auction Day Staffing, Auction Registration & Check-Out, Forms & Signage, Supplemental Revenue Streams, Post Auction Analysis, Subsequent Year Auction Planning, and much, much more.

Areas We Serve: We are based in Doylestown PA and generally conduct Fundraising Auctions in Bucks County PA, Montgomery County PA, the Greater Philadelphia PA areas, Eastern Pennsylvania and in New Jersey. However, we will travel for the right cause and have conducted Fund Raising Auctions as far away as New England and Virginia.


Free Consultations:

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Each of our clients will receive our
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We Show Non-Profit Groups
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We Love Raising Money For Good Causes. Michael Ivankovich has been a licensed Fundraising Auctioneer serving the Greater Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey regions for more than 20 years. Based in Doylestown (Bucks County) PA Michael offers a wide variety of services, all designed to help you run highly profitable Fundraising Auctions. When you select us to work with your Auction, you are effectively adding a professional Fundraising Auction Consultant to your staff. If you would be interested in speaking to Michael about working with your next event, you can reach him at (215)-345-6094.

Services Available

  • Pre-Event Planning Meetings and Item Acquisition Training
  • Silent & Live Auction Guidance
  • Telephone Consultations and Support
  • Auction Day Bid Calling
  • Computerized Registration, Check-Out, and Reports is Available
  • Our "Fundraising Auction Secrets" Workshop can train your staff on how to run successful Fundraising Auctions

Special Pledge Appeals: Whether you call it a Special Pledge Appeal, Fund-A Cause, or Raise-Your-Paddle, we specialize in Special Pledge Appeals which can double your event revenue...in a matter of only a few minutes.

Recent Fundraising Auction Clients: American Red Cross (Various Chapters); Americans for Native Americans; Bethlehem Baptist Church; Big Brothers/Big Sisters; Blue Bell Rotary; Breast Cancer Events (Numerous); Bucks County Housing Group; Central Bucks Chamber of Commerce; Bucks County Community College; Charlestown Playhouse; Community Conservatory of Music; Family Services Association; Friends School-Mullica Hill; Friends of Hospice; Gaudenzia Drug & Alcohol Prevention; Gilda's Club; Habitat for Humanity; HealthLink Medical Services; Heritage Conservancy; Lansdale Performing Arts Center; Lewis School; Manna on Main Street; Norwood-Fonteborne Academy; Pearl S. Buck International; Plumstead Christian School; St. Patrick's School; Travis Manion Foundation; Upper Bucks County YMCA; Widener University; SPCA; USA Gymnastics; USO; Many More.

Author, Fundraising Auction Books & Special Reports

  • Book: Fundraising Auction Secrets…Paperback & Kindle Editions
  • Book: Jump Start Your Fundraising Auction…Paperback and Kindle Editions
  • Special Report: Auction Listings Can Be Vital to the Success of Fundraising Auctions
  • Special Report: Making the Case for Weekday Fundraising Auction
  • Special Report: How Important is the Auctioneer to the Success of Your Fundraising Event
  • Special Report: Double Your Revenue With A Special Pledge Appeal
  • Special Report: 20 Reasons Why A Professional Auctioneer Will Raise More Cash than Any Volunteer
  • Special Report: 7 Tips On How To Select A Good Fundraising Auctioneer
  • Special Report: Charitable Donations: How to Keep Giving When Money is Tight?
  • Special Report: Professional Services Fundraising Auctions

Presentation AND Fundraising Auction for your Group

How about combining one of your meetings into a fundraising event for your group? Here the concept. The overall event lasts about one hour. After Mike provides a 20-25 minute "Let's Have An Auction" presentation, he can "sell" to your group, in a Fundraising Auction format, anything you want sold. You keep all the funds…and your group has a fun and worthwhile event.

We think the description below outlines this event pretty well, but if you have any questions, call us at (215)-345-6094.

Let's Have An Auction:

The world is changing all around us and the Auction business is no exception. Computers, the Internet, eBay & other On-Line Auctions, Digital Cameras, Blackberries, PayPal, E-Commerce, Google & other Search Engines, WiFi Internet Connections, and Auction Sniping have all changed the way that Auctions do business. In this 20-25 minute session Michael Ivankovich will take you from the earliest beginnings of the Auction Industry to the state-of-the-art 21st century Auction technology.

Need a Fundraising Idea For Your Group? Never been to an Auction?

That will change after this presentation when Michael Ivankovich conducts a live Auction for your group. And here's an idea on how you can raise some additional money for your group. Have each member attending the meeting bring in something that can be sold…Baked Goods (e.g., cookies, cakes, pies, or dinner), A Basket of Cheer (e.g., snacks, wine, a specialty foods), Personal or Professional Services (a tutoring lesson, a meal or catered dinner, a portrait or family original artwork by an artist, professional photography services from a photographer, a needed household service such as cleaning, running errands, weeding a garden, babysitting, etc.)…Used-But-Sellable Items (children's clothing, toys, books, but no junk, etc.). You decide what works best for your group. Then, after Mike concludes his 20-minute Auction presentation, he'll "sell" all of the items that have been donated to the members in attendance. And your group will keep 100% of what is sold. Auctions are meant to be fun and in this one-hour session Michael Ivankovich will show you how much fun Auctions can be.

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